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Who are The Real Jerks

Making beef jerky so good, people wanted to purchase it!  This is how it all started!

Snef (good looking shaven head bloke on the right), an avid health and exercise enthusiast, was heading home one day after gym, thought to pop in to a local store to find a snack post his workout.

Liking the concept of a high protein snack with flavour, Snef saw and grabbed a pack of beef jerky (we won't mention any names) however it fell short of his expectations and didn't like the flavour or the texture, so he decided to experiment with his own beef jerky using best ingredients and high quality cuts of meat.


Snef created after a few tests, a full flavour and succulent beef jerky that is known today as Hickory and Chilli.  He since shared it with his work colleagues, where they kept asking him to make more and more where they couldn't get enough.

Mo (on the left who fancies himself as a-bit of a "chef") tried the beef jerky.  Falling in love with it, Mo started sharing it amongst friends, it became an instant hit.  People were grabbing it by the kilos and finishing it in a matter of a day or two!


So Mo and Snefru shared it with more people and brought it to market, and that's where The Real Jerks started.

Mo and Snef hands on making The Real Jerks Beef Jerky every week, using the finest ingredients and premium quality cuts of beef, always trying different flavours and ingredients as we make more mouthwatering beef jerky.

Join Mo & Snef, The Real Jerks, on this journey while they dream of more delicious beef to bring to you.